Veracious Network Public Guild

If you’re already visiting this page, then there is no need to explain what Star Wars: The Old Republic is (SWTOR) However if you stumbled across this page on accident, then below you will find the game description! (Source: Steam Shop)

This is our official Welcome page for the public guild known as Veracious Regimen, At the time of writing we are a FREE-TO-PLAY Guild. We are missing a few features but with due time, some of us leaders may subscribe and unlock some more cool benefits for the Guild. But enough about all that junk, Lets read about the guild itself.

Veracious Network (SWTOR) is founded on the same policies and principles that all of our other clans, servers, etc. use. We strive on welcoming new players and catering to the old! Community being the focus of our guild rather than gameplay or leveling allows us to create a unique player to player connection in the guild. You are no longer joining a guild to get the perks, but rather, joining a guild to make friends, to actually talk to another player and ask a question without it getting lost in the game chat by Guild adverts.

Need help on a story mission? No problem! That flashpoint giving you some issues? We can help! Not only are our plans to create an amazing community with discord at its heart, but to make friends and family, to provide a place for everyone, no matter your play time, games, etc. to meet likeminded people and become a true member of the Veracious Network.

We hope you take the time to join the discord and meet some of our members! Don’t be afraid to say hi! We don’t bite! Hope to see you in the field soon padawan!

About Star Wars: The Old Republic
Source: Steam Store

STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ is the only massively multiplayer online game with a Free-to-Play option that puts you at the center of your own story-driven STAR WARS™ saga. Play as a Jedi, a Sith, a Bounty Hunter, or as one of many other iconic STAR WARS roles and explore the galaxy far, far away over three thousand years before the classic films. With 6 narrative expansions, become the hero of your own STAR WARS adventure as you choose your path down the Light or Dark side of the Force™.

Create your legacy. Make meaningful choices throughout your journey and become the hero of your personal STAR WARS saga. The game includes an interactive storyline with cinematic dialogue and full voiceover for all in-game characters.

A growing world awaits. For more than 10 years, players have been able to live out their own STAR WARS stories. With the most recent Onslaught expansion, STAR WARS: The Old Republic continues to deliver ongoing content through regular updates.

8 Unique Stories, 16 Combat Styles. Do you prefer the elegance of a lightsaber or the reliability of a good blaster by your side? Choose from one of 8 iconic, unique storylines, allowing you to create your own personal STAR WARS story. The Legacy of the Sith Expansion also introduces Combat Styles! Players can now separate their Class Story from gameplay style for an even greater customization experience. This frees up Advanced Class options as characters can choose any Advanced Class within the Tech or Force playstyle! Play as a Trooper wielding a Sniper Rifle, or a Sith Inquisitor with a lightsaber in each hand, or even secretly use Dark Side powers while posing as a member of the Jedi Order.

Explore numerous planets. Hoth, Tatooine, Alderaan, and over 20 other unique and vibrant planets offer exciting exploration and thrilling adventures around every corner!

Multiplayer gameplay. Gather your allies to face challenging encounters against enemy bosses in Flashpoints and Operations, or battle against other players in Player vs. Player Warzones, Arenas, or Galactic Starfighter missions!

Galactic Strongholds Want to take a break from the inter-galactic traveling and adventure? Kick back and relax with our player housing system called Galactic Strongholds! Whether it’s overlooking the sandy dunes of Tatooine, the bright cityscape of Nar Shaddaa, or the tranquil mountains of Alderaan, there’s a Stronghold for everyone. These destinations and more are available for your galactic homestead!

Cartel Market. Only the slickest items can make their way to the Cartel Market, the premium marketplace for the galaxy’s most sought-after commodities. Players wishing to buy things here will need to purchase in-game currency called Cartel Coins. Learn more about what Cartel Coins can unlock on our Cartel Coins Page.

Subscriber Benefits. STAR WARS: The Old Republic offers an optional subscription that allows you to experience even more of the STAR WARS universe. Benefits include an increased level cap of 80 and access to the most recent expansions: Legacy of the Sith, Onslaught, Knights of the Eternal Throne, and Knights of the Fallen Empire. In addition, you will receive a monthly Cartel Coin Grant, increased XP, and more. Details on Subscriber Benefits can be found on our Subscriber Page.