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    Welcome everyone!

    Making this thread so we can discuss some upcoming plans for Veracious Gaming!
    Also this allows others to comment or express their thoughts.

    We have a lot planned for this website, eventually!

    We are currently in the process of creating more pages for the site to include our other gamemodes as well!
    as of right now we only have the liberation page, Which really only tells you which mods we use etc. We are going to build on this and
    hopefully make it an all inclusive guide for liberation as a whole as well.

    Plans are in the works to include Exile, Dynamic Recon Ops, and a super secret project that will begin being worked shortly.
    All of course including user friendly getting started guide alongside more in depth guides which will be linked to the getting connected page as well as the forums!

    You may have already noticed that we have an AMAZING discord bot setup in our Social Media Page. Plans for this bot to adaptable in mobile are in the works. We would also like some general feed back to the Media page. Would you guys rather see all the videos and always have the newest one posted at the top with the older ones being removed after a few weeks? Or would you rather have one or two set featured video’s which can be updated frequently as well. Let us know below!

    Streamers! Please contact Cameron ( Byanski ) in discord with your stream information, Once you are live we can copy your embed code and link you to the website! If we get enough streamers we can even setup a dedicated page just for streams! More on the TBA.

    Rules 🙁 we all hate em. I know some people are not to fond of our new rule regarding air strikes. Both from air support and artillery support.
    I hear the concerns and the bitching. (Pardon our French) But the fact of the matter is this. Most people don’t mind the rules and don’t have an issue following them. We dont make these rules to ruin some one else’s fun, but to ensure the fun for all. We get it, flying an apache at 200 km/h and lighting up a base with hellfire missiles is fun! But when your fun starts to ruin the fun of others due to disregard, Communication issues, etc. it becomes an issue. No one should have to worry about getting team killed while clearing an almost already cleared base.

    This brings us to our next topic, Chain of Command, the discord post wasnt the clearest on this. so we want to clear the air a bit and hopefully help everyone understand. Warrant Officer 5 and above are not allowed to use rank in the field, when they are in the field they are NEVER permitted to be a squad lead, and they MUST act as a squad member and follow ALL orders of the squad lead, whether they agree with them or not. Squad lead is determined by the highest ranking member on. Excluding Warrant Officer 5 – Colonel.

    Well thats it for now! Have fun in the battle field!

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